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  1. Question For Snail Keepers
  2. dead shrimp
  3. Hey Pete cool snail!
  4. Assassin Snails Are they Good?
  5. Cherax Quadricarinatus
  6. golden Asian clams?
  7. Shrimp Parameters
  8. What kind of snails is this?
  9. CPO Breeders..a little help please!
  10. Ramshorn Snails
  11. question for pete/ shrimp officianados
  12. GC Marissa Snails Dilemma and Laws State and Fed
  13. applesnail question I cannot find the answer
  14. Do cherry red shrimp eat microworms and such?
  15. High temp Tolerant Snails
  16. Trapdoor Snails vs. Clown Loaches
  17. Creepy Snail
  18. Had a Snail
  19. Snail tank mates
  20. brackish snails?
  21. Assassinated Assassin snails
  22. To feed LFS Shrimp???
  23. apple snail not so good
  24. Gravel and Assasin Snails
  25. Fish that get along with shrimp?
  26. Question for all u shrimpers
  27. Blackberry Shrimp
  28. Proper shimp temp
  29. how many shrimpettes in a cookie jar?
  30. strange question
  31. Assassin snails Breeding?
  32. Bumble bee shrimp info.
  33. shrimp bullies?
  34. How many apple snails
  35. Dwarf Orange Crayfish
  36. Mixing Babaulti
  37. What Type of Snail Will ?
  38. Starry Night Shrimp
  39. $90.00 Snails!?!
  40. Now I Know About Crays
  41. First time shipping Apple Snails Advice?
  42. Super Flat ramshorns and errata
  43. apple snails
  44. Check out this awesome photo!
  45. Grey striped snail?
  46. How would one ship a large quantity of snails?
  47. Feeding Mystery Snails. HELP
  48. Marbled Crays
  49. i have only nerites in the tank, why do i have very small babies every
  50. what kinds do you keep
  51. Naughty Nerites
  52. continuos crystal shrimp deaths :(....
  53. Thiara winteri
  54. A random photo of my "Fresh water Invertebrate Tank". LOL!
  55. Thingies in my Daphnia; what to do?
  56. hatch rate for green shrimp?
  57. my shrimpies hehe
  58. CRS questions
  59. Crawfish Humor
  60. who keeps tiger shrimp
  61. Enter the Ninja, Or how I got boned
  62. Further Adventures In Shrimpin.
  63. Evening light question for Marble Crays
  64. Apricot lobster/orange crayfish
  65. 2 strange looking animals!
  66. Ideal shrimp setup??
  67. Safest way to catch shrimp?
  68. Crystal Red Shrimp Value
  69. Crystal Red Shrimp Breeding Question
  70. My Marble crayfish is PG!
  71. Crushed Coral / PH
  72. Anyone breed/sell Orange Bee shrimp?
  73. Snail confusion
  74. What to do with those nasty looking pinkish egg clusters
  75. calcium
  76. crayfish question
  77. Does anyone know what these are?
  78. Red Claw Shrimp
  79. Pete! You lost shipment.
  80. Pete's a big yellow shrimp
  81. Trapdoor snails and melafix
  82. crayfish vs live plants question
  83. Shrimp and the Copper in fish food
  84. lost all shrimp overnight...:(
  85. What kind of shrimp are these???
  86. My Fingers are Crossed!
  87. Yellow Rabbit Snail issues
  88. Baby snails.
  89. To many snails in your tanks?
  90. Any tips on saving baby snails during WC??
  91. I just bought small Red Cherry shrimp from aqua-bid.
  92. Shrimp and BN plecos
  93. Assassin snail groth rates??
  94. Amano Shrimp experiment.
  95. Shrimp and Filters
  96. will Ramshorn snails eat fish eggs??
  97. mystery snails
  98. At what size are Assassin snails saleable?
  99. Need Help!
  100. How many assassins?
  101. Old copper plumbing
  102. Beautiful Selectively Bred Ramshorn Snails
  103. Calcium supplements for snails?
  104. assassins are getting murdered
  105. Ramshorn Snails
  106. P. alleni or P. clarkii
  107. Looking for a good beginer cray...
  108. CRAY ID PLEASE- from a collecting trip
  109. Orange eyed Blue Tigers...
  110. Lofty's critters
  111. blue tiger shrimp
  112. Green/Pink shrimp
  113. What Kills Mystery Snail?
  114. what can a snail eat?
  115. Brine shrimp
  116. Question snail's
  117. Snail Porn
  118. New CRS
  119. New CRS
  120. Weird Shrimp Behaviour.
  121. Looking for Freshwater crayfish/Lobsters in NW Indiana?
  122. I'm lost and need help
  123. New Shrimp pics
  124. In need of some help
  125. Ship your SHRIMP!
  126. Once again I see something I'm not sure of
  127. FOr shrimp n cray
  128. Snail trap for Shrimp tank
  129. Looking for some Critic's for snail food testing.
  130. Help With Mystery Snail (Ampullariidae Pomacea) eggs
  131. Red Crayfish ?
  132. looking for colored brigg snails
  133. Kindly help identify
  134. Best deals on red cherry shrimp?
  135. mystery snail question
  136. Chocolate rabbit snail shells
  137. columbian ramhorn snail problem
  138. Mama Cray?
  139. shrimpies
  140. How Do Assassin Snails Kill?
  141. Cherry Red Shrimp (Blue Tint?)
  142. Neocaridina "Pumpkin" shrimp are here just in time for Halloween!
  143. Info on White Clarkii Crays??
  144. Spixis are illegal, correct?
  145. What Species Of Fresh Water Shrimp Can Be Kept In The Same Tank?
  146. Ramshorn snails!!!
  147. Crossbreeding Mystery Snails
  148. Gold inca snail. Alive or dead?
  149. How to get rid of ramshorn snail eggs?
  150. Better Safe than Sorry
  151. plecos and shrimp
  152. Clean-up crews.
  153. Self Cloning Crays Not Cloning
  154. For Joefish
  155. Crystal Black Shrimp...just got them today
  156. Troubled
  157. Red Cherry shrimp turning purple
  158. Another dead cherry shrimp
  159. Magenta Mystery Snail Eggs!
  160. Marmokreb Life Span
  161. More egg clutches!!! o.o
  162. MTS eating Aspidoras eggs?
  163. Everything but the BOX!
  164. self cloning crayfish
  165. new shrimp
  166. A Good Read for Shrimp Keepers
  167. I suck at keeping shrimp and cpo's alive.
  168. Shipping Shrimp Not In A Breather Bag
  169. Some snail questions- I got a puffer to feed! so I have the need to breed!! (snails)
  170. Finally! A Use for MTS
  171. Shrimp foods
  172. shrimp sure are scavengers
  173. BLUE Shrimp!
  174. Shrimpand fish in my 20 gallon
  175. Cardinal shrimp in my tank
  176. 20 gallon multi shrimp tank
  177. Glass tops and bright lights can provide a food source
  178. i have hydra and bryozoa in my tank, how do i feed them?
  179. i have new shrimp babys and a suprize
  180. Sexing Tiger or Zebra lobster
  181. Assasin snails and shrimp
  182. Assassin Snails
  183. Snails?
  184. New baby Columbian Ramsorn Snails :)
  185. Lightbulb Aquarium?
  186. Blue Neocaridina heteropoda, aka Blue Diamond shrimp
  187. Pregnant Ghost shrimp
  188. Cajun Craws
  189. How cool is this!
  190. Planaria and Hydra
  191. Cuttlebone/Calcium Question
  192. assassin snails vs shrimp
  193. Hello I am wondering iof anyone would care to talk about crayfish
  194. Can someone identify these snails?
  195. Cray babies, yay.
  196. Rabbit Snails
  197. Copepod Culturing
  198. Mystery Snails
  199. Snail Colors
  200. Chopstick Snail Tylomelania snail
  201. Saddled Shrimp question.
  202. Assassin Snails With Mystery Snails
  203. CPO Cray fish, how many?
  204. woowho my freshwater leeches have multiplied
  205. Shrimps..
  206. converting fresh water shrimp to saltwater
  207. mystery snails
  208. mystery snail ammonia level
  209. Weird red patch on one of my shrimps.
  210. Ramshorn Color Morphs
  211. Glaucus atlanticus...so awesome
  212. my new shrimp
  213. My rabbit snail
  214. Have No Doubt!!
  215. Anyone ever try freshwater clams?
  216. Shipping snails: Question
  217. Blue Velvet x Blue diamond (neo) cross?
  218. Is there a market for wild caught crays?
  219. Rabbit Snail page and group at Facebook
  220. New FREE Shrimp Forums USA Android app available now !!!
  221. Shrimp care question
  222. Marmorkrebs: Best care?
  223. Green neo het shrimp in my tank?????
  224. Snail's Got Game
  225. Hornwort Mystery
  226. Female crayfish
  227. Baby Snails and their colours...
  228. Baby Snails and their colours...
  229. Snails and their colours...
  230. Mexican Orange Dwarf Crayfish help needed
  231. Adding tank mates to co- exist with small cherry shrimp?
  232. Can anyone help me identify the type of crayfish?
  233. feeding wild land snails to my fish
  234. dsblackwell1
  235. Malaysian Fresh water prawns
  236. Giant Squid
  237. what kind is this
  238. Shrimp
  239. A dwarf crayfish that is easy to care for and breeds easily, NOT shy and gets along!
  240. Inky escapes
  241. More than you ever wanted to know about brine shrimp
  242. Malaysian Fresh Water Shrimp
  243. Freshwater snails
  244. Are Malaysian Trumpet Snails (Melanoides tuberculata) ...
  245. I found something kinda new...
  246. Jackskeletonzero?
  247. hydra in a shrimp tank