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  1. so tell me about cold packs....
  2. USPS Express
  3. Free Packing Material
  4. Some help Shipping with Breather Bags Please
  5. Why does track and confirm thru USPS never show anything?
  6. 10 Flat rate boxes styrofoam lined for 10 bucks!
  7. Priority Boxes
  8. Would shipping betas thru priority mail be safe?
  9. SHipping Discus
  10. here's a question I hope someone can answer
  11. Shipping
  12. Changes to Express shipping refunding
  13. Shipping to Canada
  14. heat packs?
  15. Power Boost your heat packs
  16. Shipping Methods
  17. a change in the USPS?
  18. Breather Bags, Heat Packs and Styrofoam - My Way.............
  19. Track & Confirm Not Working AGAIN!
  20. How often
  21. PayPal Sux
  22. PERISHABLE !!! DMM CO22.3.2
  23. shipping payment
  24. Comparing Shipping Rates.
  25. Need Help With Shipping Badis Badis Please
  26. Goober?
  27. dont flush your floaters right away
  28. Hey morons
  29. How is the shipping times out there?
  30. Teens for Shipping?
  31. How to ship fish when it's frigging FREEZING out.
  32. How to cut Styro for 12x12x8 #7 Priority Boxes and other BS.
  33. Snail Food
  34. notice from USPS
  35. Did the USPS give us 1/2 inch more
  36. The master of shipping.
  37. What is the cheapest way shipping to Turkey?
  38. USPS Possible Upcoming Changes
  39. Newbie Shipping Question -- Heat Packs
  40. Labeling shipments
  41. Shipping small packages
  42. Here's the tip of the decade! LOL!
  43. assassin snails
  44. More News on 5 day a week Postal Services
  45. What Size can You Ship Long Fin ABN Plecos
  47. Shipping adult cichlids?
  48. Anybody lose any fish??
  49. ship oxygen tanks?
  50. Shipping from OH to CA. Help!
  51. How long have snails survived for you in mail?
  53. tips for angels
  54. I am back again with more problemos
  55. Acclimation smacklimation?
  56. UPS is much worse than USPS
  57. Heat packs
  58. Get your money out of paypal
  59. Plants and Shipping
  60. Help with Shipping Marble Cray
  61. Will some of you shipping pro's give me a bit of guidance?
  62. First time shipping, questions
  63. Back for help with shipping cichlids
  64. Possible USPS Shipping Rate Increase
  65. shipping in heat?
  66. Question for Small Fish Shippers
  67. package soaked, fish dead; suggestions?
  68. shipping with or without a ice pack
  69. Shipping fish to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska with USPS
  70. Where Do They Go?
  71. Should i get money back if paid $35 for usps express and it ships ups
  72. Paypal Shipping Labels
  73. Lost a bag of fish for the first time, need some advice from the pros!
  74. Hey Slackers?
  75. Roll Type Fiberglass Insulation
  76. Question about shipping... help please
  77. USPS Delays
  78. 60 hour heat pack sources?
  79. New @ shipping on AB
  80. When do you start adding heat packs???
  81. Help - Any Tips On Shipping Larger Fish
  82. Heat packs ?????
  83. Sources for bags
  84. where to buy styrofoam
  85. Shipping to Puerto Rico
  86. Shipping to HI
  87. Extra fishes in case.
  88. I Need to Rip UPS a New One
  89. Anyone know if you can..
  90. Which Shipping Company is Kindest to Your Packages?
  91. for those that have shipped to europe?
  92. Wintertime USPS Priority Fish Shippers..............
  93. How would I ship???
  94. USPS Regional Rate Shipping
  95. logical cold weather shipping
  96. New Product! ~ 20 Hr. Heat Packs
  97. Damned FedEx!!!
  98. Reflective foil insualtion?
  99. Best brand of heat packs?
  100. Fish coming from Canada
  101. Addresses
  102. Labeling Boxes
  103. Will the fish be OK ?
  104. looking for some general advice on shipping
  105. best type of air to inject into shipping bags
  106. New Product! ~ 2 Inch Carton Sealing Tape
  107. Overnight shipping fish DOA
  108. OK believe it or not!
  109. New Product! ~ Styro Foam Shipping Sets
  110. Help! Should have thought of this!
  111. shipping frogbit help
  112. How to ship microworm cultures
  113. A Bit of Shipping Advice Needed
  114. need help with shipping shrimp please
  115. Shipping cories??
  116. To Heat Pack or Not to Heat Pack?
  117. Help with Shipping
  118. Shipping Question
  119. shipping in Heat
  120. Line 8 medium flat rate boxes in 8 minutes
  121. any tips for shipping large plants
  122. Virginia sales and shipping
  123. Shipping in Heat
  124. Shipping to Canada
  125. Liners, Bags & Tape! ~
  126. What is the best water additive for shipping
  127. "full box" shipping tips? Coryologist, Lotsoffish, others who ship alot
  128. Prepaid Forever Priority Mail Flat Rate Packaging
  129. Advice Shipping Crays?
  130. Foam board Home Depot vs. Lowes
  131. Signs of Winter
  132. Shipping large items Cheaper???
  133. Shipping Thoughts
  134. USPS shipping times
  135. Shipping HELP
  136. Heat Pack/Styro Liner - Fall Special
  137. Head's Up to Fed Ex & American Express Account Owners -
  138. USPS Now takes Paypal
  139. a Facebook community page worth viewing
  140. Question for experienced breather bag shippers.
  141. Shipping just plants
  142. The USPS and Paypal have..................
  143. USPS Express mail flat rate BOX $39.95 ?
  144. Buyer says they did not get package, but tracking number shows it was delivered
  145. USPS 5 Day WEEK????
  146. Anyone Have Problems With Click-N-Ship?
  147. Usps fail
  148. What is up with USPS's slow shipping?
  149. Anyone else get the NEW regional rate boxes ???
  150. Need help with shipping from cold to warm.
  151. Styrofoam Peanuts
  152. Bags sizes, dimensions and why it matters
  153. Regional Rate "A" Box - Styro Liner - Gauging Interest
  154. Shipping in moderately warm weather
  155. New improvement on USPS Click N Ship
  156. Bag Size Help
  157. Anyone else?
  158. Styrofoam Panel Sizes Large Flat Rate Box?
  159. Shipping Temps
  160. Is it possible to ship with half of a heat pack?
  161. First Time Shipping ABN Plecos
  162. UPS Insurance question
  163. need some tips on shipping angels
  164. I need help!!!
  165. Which company to ship with?
  166. A Lil reminder - WED is 4th of July
  167. Post Office suspending all live animal shippiing due to high temperatures
  168. Recording Keeping
  169. United States Postal Service is BROKE (I mean money, not all the other problems)
  170. How I ship a box of fish...with pics!
  171. Shipping snails in a small flat rate box?
  172. NEED HELP Cutting Styrofoam!!!
  173. Click and Ship
  174. Record Keeping Revisited
  175. Shipping: Use of "Liquid” & or “Perishable" labels with USPS?
  176. Will I be alright to ship in this weather?
  177. Shipping from warm to cold weather.
  178. Clearance Foam! + Some warmers!
  179. Hold for Pickup is now COD????????
  180. Question for Kevx
  181. Bag Buddies
  182. upright or on the side
  183. Help PLease !! Warm to cold shipping
  184. a heads up if you send money as gift in paypal
  185. Friday Shipping
  186. Reminder, Monday 1/21/13 is a postal holiday
  187. For the other- low tech olde school shippers.....
  188. I am such a WIMP
  189. Six Days of Package Delivery, Five Days of Mail Delivery Begins August 2013
  190. Shipping out of country??
  191. Looking for shipping advice
  192. shipping large tetra's help please
  193. what size box
  194. Uline annual box sale's on now.
  195. is anyone else having issues withthe midwest/mid south
  196. angel shipping question
  197. New Product! - Small Flat Rate Styro Liner
  198. Shipping to Canada??
  199. Breather bags and poly bag liners
  200. Shipping fish to 115 degree heat
  201. What do you write on you bags?
  202. Shipping Fish To The Netherlands??????????
  203. Styrofoam alternative? - radiant barrier insulation?
  204. 5 fry @ 1/4 inch each
  205. An Old Question About Shipping Charges
  206. Heat Packs
  207. First Class Mail Tracking/Confrmation
  208. PayPal printing browser issues.
  209. Heat Sealed Poly Bags Pros and Cons - Anybody Use Them?
  210. The Shortest Distance Between Two Points!!
  211. What's your shipping area like?
  212. Shipping--From COLD to HOT (Please advise!)
  213. Safe to ship livebearer fry this time of year?
  214. Uniheat 60 HR "BEST 11042015"
  215. USPS location and collection hours info
  216. A Very Handy Chart
  217. The USPS is running about 48 hours BEHIND right now
  218. bargain on 72 hour heat packs
  219. The higher cost "will last just long enough to recover the loss," Commission Chairman
  220. what is the BEST way to ship Mystery Snails ?
  221. USPS DMM Revision
  222. *LIVE FISH* vs. unmarked
  223. Don't forget Monday January 20 2014 is a sneaky holiday.
  224. Quick question here
  225. USPS click and ship today Mon Feb 3rd.
  226. Regional Rate Boxes
  227. Please put cushioning around those fish bags
  228. Never had this happen
  229. Shipping Java Moss
  230. How many heat packs - shipping USPS express 1 day from OH to FL
  231. Cold packs and what temps to use them....
  232. 10 Day Trip
  233. Time between shipments
  234. Tip of the Day
  235. USPS shipping problems
  236. Has anyone noticed that....
  237. Mail Carrier Scans as Delivered 3 to 4 Hours Before Delivery
  238. Priority Mail Rates Going Up
  239. Complete Newbie Shipping First Fish! Basic instructions please?
  240. What's the deal with the USPS in the Chicage area?
  241. I hate to say it but-
  242. New Shipper needs advice picking post office for "Hold for PickUp"
  243. Click and Ship
  244. Did Kordon's Patent Run Out?
  245. Shipping now from Hot to Colder
  246. Very Interesting Data Re: Platys Temp Tolerances
  247. Petsmart bags for shipping?
  248. Modifying A Heat Pack?
  249. How do you ship dwarf crays?
  250. Sending to Puerto Rico?