View Full Version : Finally! I am on here! about the Save Emma Auctions

09-22-2008, 03:46 PM
Sorry for the delay folks!
I signed up a long while back and was not able to get on here till today.
I am Shasta...aka whitewolf1
I ran the Save Emma auctions.
First of all I want to thank everyone for the donations and HUGE amount of support that was behind me in this.
My friends Charlie and Ann and especialy Emma, are forever in your debt and in their hearts.
We were able to raise the retainer fee for the Lawyer. The first court date came and went...and of course to no ones surprize, Emma's mother did not show up.
They had to have it re-scheduled...the next date is this friday the 26th of september.
Emma is still in their safe hands thanks to everyone here!!! I can not tell you how AMAZING YOU ALL ARE that helped out!
Now for the bad news but good news. Charlie and Ann, HAVE to move the building they were renting was sold and being torn down! They have been working on this all month, packing n looking for a place and I have not been around or gotten things mailed out the rest of the way because I have been helping them out with everything I have. Time..money...whatever it takes.
Because of being late with shipping things out, and answering emails. I have found them a place....a real place!
Charlie, Ann and Emma are moveing into a rent to own house if they are aprooved for it, same price as what they are paying now, and a big bedroom for Emma. We should know in a few days, so please keep your fingers crossed!:yeah:
I will be trying to run a few more auctions to keep them fighting for Emma.
Things will get better..I sincerly appologise for the late shipping of the rest of the items in the auction....
Now that I am on here I will keep you all updated! Shaz

09-24-2008, 09:40 AM
Thanks so much for the update, little Emma is in our prayers ! And thank you Neoncory, for bringing this to our attention ! Phil