View Full Version : HEAT PACKS

11-03-2008, 07:11 PM
Now that cold weather is upon us once more, check those heat packs before sealing them in the box. Best way to do it is after opening them, stuff them in a plastic bag, O2 it then seal the bag. They'll heat up in no time. UNI-HEAT is excellent, however, they did experience some problems late last year, early this year. Some weren't firing up and some produced too much moisture to the point of causing the tape holding them to moisten up and drop of the binding. I've had correspondences with the company and a tech person out of SF, CA and I had some follow up phone conversations about their problems. They've worked with me and even sent me some replacements (I didn't charge them for the couple of losses amounting to some $650.00 :neutral: - probably why they were very nice to me) and even went as far as use me as a beta test for random lots. Not inexpensive but not expensive either, they are a gernerally good product overall. I've use their 60hr down to 8hr.