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04-11-2009, 07:53 AM
Well I guess I have not introduced my self yet, I am NV from Wisconsin. I am graduating from Carroll University in May with a BA in Business Admin. I have been keeping and breeding fish my whole life. Most recently my brother and I have been breeding Compressiceps/Calvus. I also have been breeding Gymnogeophagus and plecos. My favorite species of fish though would be the gobies. Such little personallities and colors make them so interesting to me. I also love my plecos. I have bred the L129, L201,Bristlenose, L333, L66 and bred L134 a while back, and in the process of breeding L314, L264, L007, L091.

Anyone else want to know more just let me know.


04-11-2009, 09:55 AM
Hi from Green Bay area PattiAnn. I am more know for the exotic animals and birds I raise but had the pond sales greenhouses for years!So glad to find a WI person! We got the one fish room done working on the pool and pool house will have a large tank in and looking to fill that one with stock from breeders here on aqua bid.
Wish I knew you witht he greenhouses maybe I would not be retired....lol.Na just joking think it was time had crazy hours for just a few bucks . Was way before I knew of aquabid too.
Now I buy........ .and enjoy.

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From The Fond Du Lac area untill recent, moved to Gurnee IL.

Welcome abord