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04-14-2009, 09:25 AM
OK.. I had an auction running for 6 days.. I have the auction set up confirmation email so I know it was set up.. I received my " first bid" email on it.. but it was late and I did not check it out until next day. when I used link to check the auction.. I was linked to an auction by wermyapple that had just been set up.. I went to auction set up confirmation email and checked, it was same link and went to auction by wermyapple which I then noticed was a NEW auction... My auction had closed the night before when it was supposed to but then dropped off the face of AB. I saved the first Bid email and contacted the first bidder and he wants it so I got around the problem... I have rebuilt my closed auctions 3 times now and the auction does not return... The First bidder also said he cannot find the auction anymore :surrender: I have written Aquabid and gotten no response.. I think that was the only auction I have lost but am not positive... If anyone has bid on any of my others.. please let me know with Pvt message here.. I thank you.. If anyone else Bid on My Microsword broadleaf- Free shipping auction and would like portion(s) let me know... I wen t with first bidder because it was about 2 hours before close of auction.. I have plenty if someone else Bid .. There is NO way for me to know of your bid...

Thank you for your time and patience

and Hey Note-- I am not knocking wermyapple... very good seller there.. Wermy just got my auction number... lol


edited for title.. it sounded meaner than I meant the first go 'round..lol

04-14-2009, 10:04 AM
I've had this happen to me before. I had a Frogbit auction that actually linked to some one else's duckweed auction. I just deleted my auction and relisted and it all worked out.

Seems like it might be happening when two people post in the same category at the exact same time.... Just a guess.

04-14-2009, 10:14 AM
Thanks wermy... was odd.. cause my auction existed at first as I always link back and check.. lol my typing abilities leave a bit to be desired and someone bid on it so it existed on its own right until the end at least.. lol

ohh well... I got to one person.. and if here are any others interested I got ya covered... lol

Thanks again