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04-18-2009, 02:46 PM
:help:I am nelson1375. I live in Washington, DC. I have been tring to hatch Mystery snail
egg clutches from my snails. My first two clutches where laid on the tank hood and had live snail babies. They soon died my fault. Clutches three and four came from a different tank and had no life after three weeks of incubation. All clutches came from the same parent (caught laying the eggs).
Tank number 1 is an aqua via 680 (18 gallon) with a domed hood light and filter combo no heater.
Tank number 2 is a (10 gallon) all glass aquarium with a regular hood light and submersable heater set at 24degress Celsius. I made this aquarium dedicated to Mystery snails. I have a biology back ground so I observed the mating of several snails and was able to sex them. Once identified as male or female the shell was labled with the appropiate M or F. All of my snails about thirteen of them appear to be having fun in pairs BUT, only one has laid eggs. It is also the larges of my snails some where betwen a pingpon ball and a golf ball. It is Magenta in color white foot, yellow shell base color and brown stripes. I now understand the color name.
Red and blue make purple
Purple and yellow make brown
there fore the appearance of brown stripes.
I just purchased a clutch from a member to try her stock.
I also purchased a net breeder and lowered the water level way down 3 inches from the bottom. ANY INSTRUCTIONS OR SUGESIONS ARE WELCOMED.

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04-18-2009, 04:04 PM

Go to this web site http://www.applesnail.net/ It will help you on the snails.

I just have the water lower than three inches from the top of the tank and have it covered really well. Or they will climb out and lay on your drapes - :gickle: than follow the path back into the tank that does leave a trail - :lol:

Right now from the three nests laid on the top side of the tank, I have loads of the blue briggs in that one tank. Just leave the eggs alone, especailly if they are on the side of the glass. The newly hatched will fall into the water and you will not know it until they are big enough to see.

I know mine are all blue as that was what the parents were. Now over a quarter size almost close to half a dollar size.

Best of luck.

04-20-2009, 08:18 AM
Thanks All!