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08-27-2009, 09:16 AM
I get E mails almost DAILY from different folks regarding what parameters they outta keep their shrimp in.

It is my experience that ALL the shrimp I keep, breed and just maintain for resale do fine in my tap water. In fact I would venture to guess that if I started messing around with my tap water believing everything I read about all these shrimp I would end up killing a lot of them by screwing around with my water to lower the pH and soften it. I also couldn't conveniently do regular partial water changes on my shrimp and that would probably be a bad thing also.

I have also read shrimp to not appreciate large partial water changes but that also is not my experience with keeping all my shrimp. More than once I have walked away from a tank while syphoning it down and ended up siphoning about 19 gallons out of a 20 gallon tank. When I have done this I have simply squirted some dechlorinator in to my tank and promptly refilled the tank with water coming right out of my tap and if anything happened over the next few days I would say I get more molts, more berried females, and my shrimp are more active and healthy looking than before.

Now look folks. I am not telling you to do what I do, I am simply telling you what my personal experiences with shrimp are.

When those Cherry red first appeared on the scene a few years a go I bought about 12 of them for over 120 bucks and stuck them in a one gallon jar with Java moss and kept them in that unheated jar on a window sill in my old apartment and I had 200 of the damn things in that jar a few weeks later.

It is painfully obvious to me all these shrimp I keep do not read all this information stating how sensitive they are to water parameters because if they did they would all keel over and die in my tanks immediately.

Make no mistake, shrimp will not tolerate Ammonia and nitrites in their water, on the other hand I have berried females all over the place in my fish room and the only thing I ever do to my water is change some of it.

Below is an example of how I keep certain shrimpettes I want to raise from certain females. I keep about 6 or 8 of them in a 8 Oz. chip dip container with no airation and nothing but 2 or 3 baby snails to latch on to. I bet you won't read about that anywhere either. :gickle:

Lighten up on the parameters crap folks. Your driving me crazy here. :surrender:


08-27-2009, 11:55 AM
WE'RE driving YOU crazy????? What the heck was your excuse before WE came along? :v8:

Great post Pete !!!! I can't find one thing in your article that I would dispute. Good grief, I HATE siding with you !!!! :gickle:


08-28-2009, 03:58 PM
Don't tell people crap like that, they will figure out how easy this stuff is, and start selling the stuff themselves...LOL...........Lovel/Crackedglass

10-08-2009, 09:47 PM
so could i put my one and only berried crystal shrimp say in a tupperware dish with some java moss and set it near a window and let her have the babies or do i have to wait until she has the babies, then catch those little babies, and then put them in a dish?

11-05-2009, 10:20 AM
I have had cherries grow up and reproduce in a five-gallon water-change bucket that I forgot to dump out in an unheated basement, and I have a colony of I-think-they're-Malaysian-rainbows who are thriving inside an eheim thermofilter from back when my prefilter fell off the intake a few years ago. Every time a friend sets up a new tank I give them fifty-or-so shrimp to get started. I've long since stopped charging for them. (On the other hand, they must be doing something wrong because they keep coming back for more).

I do season my water changes in a bucket with amquel for half an hour and I put a very little iodine in the tanks with every water change. Other than that, I pay no special attention to them