View Full Version : Where's the Boyzlist.org Ad?

09-09-2009, 07:07 AM
Wow Barnett, the new ad from the alter boyzlist.org is really interesting - for half your audience.

Where's the one with all the pics of guys though? You're not showing favoritism are yah? :gickle:

Since it comes up before one logs on, you might wanna check it out or restrict it to only after one logs before you get a message that someone's 8 year old son got more than an eye full, hand full while learning the husbandry of.....fish, that's right, I was reading up on fish! Honest Dad!

Now I know if I post the link, half the crowd is gonna run over there so....let's make em walk.....:evil:

Please bring a note from your mom that you are allowed to view the following site and a note from your teacher that this is just scientific research and in no way for personal excitement....

The title is "Change Starts with a Girl" and the site with the banner is GirlszListdought.Org .

Just a suggestion. Enjoy your week!