View Full Version : Mixing Babaulti

03-18-2010, 10:26 AM
Does anyone know what happens if you put different varieties of Babaulti in the same tank.

Specifically I have green and black in mind.

Is this a case, as with Briggs (or red/black crystal shrimp) where simple genetics occurs and one colour or the other is dominant but you will continue to have each colour represented in the tank over multiple generations.

OR- would it be more like with Neocaridina species where if you put a red in with a yellow the offspring for all subsequent generations end up looking "wild-type" with few if any red/yellow offspring due to complex multi-gene genetics at play?

Considering both green and black babaulti ARE wild types readily available in the wild (as opposed to 'man made' through selection) I'd suspect the very worst that is likely to happen is I end up with all green or all black over time.

Does anyone know for sure though? Anyone kept different varieties of Babaulti together?

I suppose in an ideal world they wouldn't even cross- from what I understand the Babaulti species may infact be many species.