View Full Version : Further Adventures In Shrimpin.

06-25-2010, 09:47 PM
Soz I goes to one of my LFS today & they have some shrimp labeled black shimp $3.99 Interesting says sucker me. So I eyeball em for awhile & they are indeed black. OK Gimme 2 Ill figure out what they are later. Soz I brings dem home & puts them in mah shrimp tank. Awhile later I goes back to see how my new charges are makin out & dis is what I finds.
:censor::censor: :mad2: Im batting 100 latley.I still havnt tracked down what the HE!! they are but Ill let you know or if one of Y'all do lemme know.
& if anyof ya go some live bait shrimp ya need to off load just hit them with a marker or dye em tell me their fancy & SHip them TO: Gregg Lindsey
*** R@@@@ RD APT B WIllington ,CT 06279 & I'll believe your sendin me gold.:gickle: