View Full Version : Chocolate rabbit snail shells

08-25-2011, 06:09 PM
I like chocolate rabbit snails, but I question their shell. It looks like the shells may actually be worn away, almost sandblasted, which gives them them lighter color. I've seen pics of baby chocolates with plain brown, smooth shells. Is this the case? Or do they end up getting the lighter color shells as they age?

08-25-2011, 07:54 PM
The chocolate rabbit snails that you can buy as adults are wild-caught from Lake Poso, Sulawesi, Indonesia. The light color that you see on the shell is a sandy coating. It is either something they pick up from minerals in the water or something from the lake bottom. When they give birth to young, the baby snails have either a dark brown shell or a tan shell that lacks the sandy coating. After the wild-caught adults have been in your tank for a while, the sandy coating on their shells starts to wear off. It seems like they keep the coating for longer when in water with a higher pH, but I am not sure about this. Sometimes with two of these snails in the same tank, one will lose the coating quickly, while the other will keep it for a long time.

I have also seen this light sandy coating on shells of other species of rabbit snails from Lake Poso. The orange rabbit snail from Lake Poso (the smaller species, not the Poso Orange) sometimes has this coating on it's shell as well.