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09-25-2011, 07:25 AM
LOL... I couldn't resist....taking the time to post a more windy thread than Lotsofdork.

Since I don't have anything more to sell and to let people know I'm still alive, I figured I would sneak in here and disappear again for a few weeks and maybe come back and read the nonsense that gets posted on here since nobody slings mud anymore which is really what people like to read anyways.....right?

Actually I started to type out some lame post and decided to delete it and make points.

Buy It Now Pros

Quick and efficient for seller Make it one time, save it for future editing, becomes familiar to buyers. No need to waste time creating a new auction page, just hit re post.

Perfect for small sellers If you don't have the money or knowledge or inventory to justify a real website, then buy it now is the next best thing

CHEAP advertising What better way is there to get your name out than posting an auction and Buy It Now auctions provide you with risk free advertising that get your name out and if you do have a website, can draw them to it.

Simple decisions Gives buyers the impulse buy they crave or the ability to Buy It Whenever they are ready and without waiting to see if they won.

Fast Sales / Fast Payment Clicking on the BIN button should also mean SENDING PAYMENT since the buyer is already sitting at the computer. NO NEED for 3 emails back and forth for payment requests. Sellers can immediately re post instead of waiting for auctions to end.

Set Pricing This can also be considered a con.

Better Than Reserve Most buyers are turned off by reserve auctions because they want to know that they have a chance to buy an item when they place a bid. Buy it now is a GUARANTEE that their bid will result in a purchase.

Buy It Now Cons

Selling Short The market may actually bring more than the BIN price and prevents bidding wars, set pricing can hurt potential sales.

No extras Overbidding on items typically results in "extras" from the seller where as a set price usually does not allow for any margin.

Cut Throats The oldest and most basic trick in the book of price checking by sellers. Now competitive sellers can lower prices until nobody makes a profit.

Pay It Now Receive It Later Unfortunately, some sellers use this to pre sell items they have not yet ordered and buyers that do pay when they BIN are asked or expected to wait an additional week or two.

Margin Decline Sellers that run true auctions that receive bids may notice a decline when other sellers selling the same product "give it away" in BIN auctions which falls in the cut throat category.

Never Featured BIN auctions will never make a hot list and may never get the publicity they deserve.

Over Fishing Depending on the cost of listing fees, sellers can abuse BIN auctions by posting hundreds of auctions that make basic browsing no longer fun for buyers

I think that buy it now auctions do not make an auction site loose it's luster and is only the opinion of people looking to buy something for nothing. Ebay and Aquabid are two totally different venues that will never be compared on the same page other than them both being auction sites.

Ebay lost it's luster when brand new items were offered by middle men destined for retail shops. In the beginning it was a great place for hobbyists and collectors to find items unavailable locally and a great place for people cleaning out their collections to get top dollar. It was also great for people wanting to buy a new item at a huge discount, but now it could be one of the main contributors to the economy crisis we are currently in. Now not only is ebay FULL of BIN auctions, they are full of bogus KEY WORD auctions that make simple searching a thing of the past. Due to fees that EBAY charges, sellers try to manipulate the system and create ideas that other sellers follow or must follow which creates a downward spiral. People simply want a deal and BIN has become the rock bottom dollar of the deal as auctions now sell below wholesale not retail and the economy only has itself to blame.

Aquabid however is a unique gem. A more specified site dealing with the aquarium hobby. Only one car was ever sold on Aquabid and that seller was creative enough to give it away by selling plecos. BIN auctions on Aquabid will never get to the level they are on EBAY even though Aquabid has no listing charges.

BIN auctions can be a double edged sword for people. It would be a huge mistake for anyone to offer a HOT item that people are willing to overpay for because it is rare or newly discovered. However, once a fair market price has been established I see no reason to not use the BIN option.

For a purist, such as Pete, use BIN auctions to an advantage by continuing to not offer "basic" auctions. This is EXACTLY what the MIXED auction category should be used for......a chance to duke it out, get a deal on a package and not on a 1/2 pound of trout chow.

Stop whining about BIN and keep putting up boring blog style auctions with music and sparklies that people have to scroll back and forth to read. KEEP giving them the best fish you have to offer and nothing and no one will ever stop you or steal your thunder.

Their is nothing boring on AB or lack luster other than these forums.....

09-25-2011, 11:53 AM
glad to see your still alive cory. i myself tend to look more at the bin auctions just for the fact i dont have alot of money and if i know i want it i can get it then and not have to wait and see if some one else has more money than i do and 9 times out of 10 they do