1. More useless trap information

    I actually MUCH prefer to not even use traps cuz they can be a pain in the butt AND one thing I have noticed regarding them is they can actually be used to train your adult fish to STOP trying to eat your fry.

    I mean hell, after the adults attempt to attack the fry that they can see in the trap for about the 1000th time, they sorta figure out that perhaps it's just not a good idea to try eating the damn things. That of course ends up making life a lot more pleasurable for the fry that

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  2. Continueing on with this trap nonsence.

    Friday while I was screwing around down in the fish room I tried something new with these traps. I decided to try feeding my trapped females live daphnia seeing I have a ton of it. I actually added a bunch of it to all my traps cuz I figured since it's alive if I put too much of it in the traps and both the fish AND the shrimp (yes shrimp eat daphnia) end up stuffed, any extra daphnia will just swim out of the traps and be eaten by the rest of the fish in these tanks. What I didn't count on is the ...
  3. My official Blog Full-o-Bull S%#T!

    I guess it was only a matter of time before I actually started writing down some of the hoards of crap I have learned regarding fish keeping through out the past 40 years so here is my first random tip on the subject.

    When keeping females trapped I like to FEED them but any food that falls below the slots in the trap gets trapped (duh) and will begin to rot in the chamber below. One way of solving this issue is to place shrimp in that area and why not place berried shrimp there? It ...

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