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  1. just one egg...

    i like to get eggs rather than pairs.

    the eggs hatch out (hopefully) and grow out in my water...
    the adults have to adapt to the conditions in my fishroom

    but i've learned never to pass an egg up.

    ideally, and according to some websites, i'll find 10-15 eggs
    in the mop every day... yea, well welcome to reality

    with some fish, especially the pairs i've acquired, i'm lucky to
    find a single egg. and it's tempting to just leave it ...
  2. My official Blog Full-o-Bull S%#T!

    I guess it was only a matter of time before I actually started writing down some of the hoards of crap I have learned regarding fish keeping through out the past 40 years so here is my first random tip on the subject.

    When keeping females trapped I like to FEED them but any food that falls below the slots in the trap gets trapped (duh) and will begin to rot in the chamber below. One way of solving this issue is to place shrimp in that area and why not place berried shrimp there? It ...

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  3. New 20 Gallon Build... AKA Serenity in the Bathroom.

  4. just another fishroom...

    the horror... the horror

    there are just too many fish i want in my fishroom

    i have some fish that get tossed into some deep dark corner of the fishroom,
    and then one day i actually take a good look at them and wonder why the hell
    they aren't in a bigger brighter tank, set up high so they would be easier to watch?!?!

    a friend (HI YENNER!) gave me some L brichardis a while back, a long time favorite
    of mine. but they got moved from place to ...
  5. Should Nancy Pelosi seek the Minority Leadership Position

    by , 11-07-2010 at 08:46 AM (Should Nancy Pelosi seek the Minority Leadership Position)
    Quote Originally Posted by bass24 View Post
    Vote in the poll

    Go to Political section and vote; Just trying to see what fish folks think.

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