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  1. just one egg...

    i like to get eggs rather than pairs.

    the eggs hatch out (hopefully) and grow out in my water...
    the adults have to adapt to the conditions in my fishroom

    but i've learned never to pass an egg up.

    ideally, and according to some websites, i'll find 10-15 eggs
    in the mop every day... yea, well welcome to reality

    with some fish, especially the pairs i've acquired, i'm lucky to
    find a single egg. and it's tempting to just leave it ...
  2. Breeding BN Plecos: My ups,downs,and everything in between.

    Over the years I was always a fishkeeper, never a breeder. But then guppies and platys drop and you have a million convict fry swimming around you think you know a thing or two. So I decided I was gonna breed Oscars and if you think that happened in the 8 years I had them guess agian. So I started researching the web and asking around at the local LFS's and came to the conclusion that they wanted to sell you anything and I mean anything that was a boy and a girl and they would breed, Hands down ...
  3. Thanksgiving Day and The Stuffing

    by , 11-11-2010 at 08:59 AM (Should Nancy Pelosi seek the Minority Leadership Position)
    Well it will be here very soon. I love this holiday. What I enjoy most is family getting together. Then even more than the turkey and fixings is the stuffing. To me that is what makes the meal. Just my opinion.

    What kind of stuffing do you make. Or like. Give your recipe if you want to share. Some of us may try them out.

    Any special foods you have that bring the holiday home for you. Also any special traditions handed down.

  4. My system for breeding live bearers

    My inspiration for posing his blog was the death of the hope of a favorite strain of mines only female in my posession.

    I had a pair of Black Moscow Guppys that I received in an auction of Full Red Guppy auction from Pete "Lotsoffish" Mang. These were from a line that Pete receives from his friend Conrad to sell.

    The female was very pregnant. I had her in a 10 gallon tank, within a live bearering birthing chamber that allows the fry to fall through the bottom ...

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  5. Our Best Friends Four or Two Legged

    by , 11-08-2010 at 10:59 AM (Should Nancy Pelosi seek the Minority Leadership Position)
    Quote Originally Posted by bass24 View Post
    OK, So I'm getting bored. Losing time to go out with out being bundled up. So I'm bored. Took some pics of the Hailey today. After I took the boat out of the water. Here are a few I want to share. In fact add some photo's of your 4 or 2 legged pet. I'll then select three pets from those posted here. I will also ask some other person on AB to pick three. From there I will select one to win and I will send the winning owner a small prize. I'll also send the winning pet a prize too. I mean
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