• Oberon FMR Product Review

    Recently, I had the opportunity to test a new product. It is a natural fish meal replacement (FMR) product for fish food. My food trials were the first time this type of additive was used in tropical fish food. With a protein content of 63-66% and very interesting pond test results, as well as being a natural, non-chemical product, I was anxious to get started.

    I added the FMR to my stock Livebearer fish food blend at a rate of 30% FMR - 70% fish food. My stock blend ingredients are basic: fish meal, corn gluten meal, krill meal, Omega fatty acids, garlic, and several algae.

    Tests were started the day I received the sample product. My test subject was the Endler Live Bearer. Housed in two separate twenty-long fish tanks, one tank received only my stock fish food and the new blend was used in the other tank. In two weeks the size increase and color enhancement was easily observed by sight.

    Total strangers could see the difference between the tanks without prompting. When asked if there was any difference in the two tanks, the FMR tank was singled out each time as larger and more colorful fish. Only then did I explain the test to them.

    Samples were sent to fellow fish keepers with instructions on how to feed the food and check results. Spawns were split into two or three tanks. Gobies, plecos and angelfish showed the same results. A thirty to fifty percent growth increase and more vivid color was noted in each study.

    A friend’s blue Betta fish that had traces of red in the pectoral fins turned pink while on an exclusive diet of the thirty percent food. I purchased a similar blue betta, fed according to the same constant with the same results. As my fish turned pink, I reduced the percentage of FMR to fifteen percent. The fish returned to its blue color with beautiful red highlights, while maintaining stellar health and vigor.

    The additive is scheduled for release to the open market in the last quarter of 2011. Testing this additive on pond fish has shown a positive prognosis for the human consumption market. Using a “green” product rather than chemically enhanced methods to increase healthy growth rates bodes well for the future of farm—raised fish.

    Tests on tropical fish so far have shown a dramatic growth increase which will allow breeders to cut the time from fry to finish, while naturally maintaining strong immune systems and brilliant color.
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