Continueing on with this trap nonsence.

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Friday while I was screwing around down in the fish room I tried something new with these traps. I decided to try feeding my trapped females live daphnia seeing I have a ton of it. I actually added a bunch of it to all my traps cuz I figured since it's alive if I put too much of it in the traps and both the fish AND the shrimp (yes shrimp eat daphnia) end up stuffed, any extra daphnia will just swim out of the traps and be eaten by the rest of the fish in these tanks. What I didn't count on is the fact full grown adult daphnia are to large to escape from these traps so now I can have an endless amount of nutritious high quality food available to these females that I have parked in these traps AND most importantly the food is alive so no matter how much I add to these traps I don't have to worry about stuff rotting in them.

That brings me to another point am always trying to tell folks about feeding fish. In the wild fish do NOT eat "all they can eat in 10 minutes, once a day". I have talked to other hobbyists and read in numerous books, forums and the backs of fish food cans how we are supposed to feed our fish all they can eat in a few minutes, once a day.

That is absolute nonsense and nobodies going to raise show quality fish with this sort of feeding regiment. It's plain old dumb information and fish have NOT evolved to be fed this way. Most fish spend their entire waking hours thinking about 3 things.

Finding and eating as much food as they can, having sex with other fish, and not becoming food while pursuing the first 2 things I just mentioned. We should be feeding our fish as much and as often as we can and if we don't we are simply creating the type of environment for them that they normally would NOT thrive in out in the real world.

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  1. BallAquatics's Avatar
    Hey Pete, I couldn't agree more with your views on feeding fish.... more feedings is better & live food is the best for a number of reasons.

  2. chocolateplaty's Avatar
    Interesting thoughts. When I feed my livebearers too much they seem to "balloon up". A couple of them looked like they exploded from eating too much food. Their insides looked like they popped to the outside.

    Pete have you had this happen to livebearers?
  3. lynmccoy's Avatar
    I feed my guppies 3 times a day. They don't look fat,but I don't pour a ton of food in the tank either. They seem to like that feeding schedule.
  4. Mickmac247's Avatar
    Isnt that what cat fish and other bottom feeders are for. Feed away and into the night.
  5. Creativeaquarist's Avatar
    morning...afternoon and middle of the night...along with those fresh green beans you'rs so fond of...and at each feeding they get a different mix from a different food seller...including your # 2 mix...and it's just small pinches at a time instead of one massive feeding per day...