More useless trap information

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I actually MUCH prefer to not even use traps cuz they can be a pain in the butt AND one thing I have noticed regarding them is they can actually be used to train your adult fish to STOP trying to eat your fry.

I mean hell, after the adults attempt to attack the fry that they can see in the trap for about the 1000th time, they sorta figure out that perhaps it's just not a good idea to try eating the damn things. That of course ends up making life a lot more pleasurable for the fry that aren't actually living inside the trap too.

How come nobodies commenting on my blog? Does it really suck that badly so far?

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Updated 05-01-2011 at 01:39 AM by lotsoffish

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  1. marli's Avatar
    Here's my comment: I haven't commented cause this is the first time I saw it. I'll have to read it later though, work calls. See ya Pete!

    Smiles, marli
  2. MMK1996's Avatar
    Please keep them coming Pete! I want my information from the people here not the BS when you do a google search.
  3. chocolateplaty's Avatar

    You are so knowledgeable and always eager to share this knowledge. No BS just the plain facts. I like that you shoot from the hip and hit the target straight on.
  4. lynmccoy's Avatar
    I've tried traps 3 times and 2 times my mama fish just floated there and waited me out. The 3rd time she actually started running straight into the side of the box. So I bought the 5g tank and extra plants and it works much better. The same day I brought it home and set it up,she started going to the gravel,so I put her in the nursery tank and she immediately started having babies. She either wanted room or privacy.
  5. fishstarter's Avatar
    I've got a couple of comments for your blog but I haven't a clue where to find it ...lucky you
  6. Natives's Avatar
    Yeah, I suppose you know what you're talking about.
  7. tysgrandma's Avatar
    good blog, thank you
  8. MrLohachata's Avatar
    gonna start callin you Yogi.....
  9. Dave C's Avatar
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  10. Creativeaquarist's Avatar
    Would you prefer Yogi or Guru? My favorite advice of all time: "Just whip it in the tank and see what happens."
  11. ziouxpioux's Avatar
    I called him a Guru once and it pissed him off -- so call him Guru. LOL