Although we all share one common passion – fish – we are otherwise a diverse group, with different cultural backgrounds, ages, experience levels, morals and more. In light of this assortment of people, we at the have adopted these forum behavior guidelines:

1.) Each member is allowed one (1) login account. Creating multiple accounts is prohibited and may result in removal of both accounts without notice.

2.) Vulgarities, whether they be language, images or other offensive material, including, but not limited to, race, nudity or pornography will not be tolerated. The administrators and moderators shall be the sole judges of what does and does not violate the board's standards.

3.) Debating and discussion is fine. We encourage it. It's how we all learn. However, respect your fellow members. Different posters are likely to express different opinions, and while they may differ from yours, everyone is entitled to express theirs freely. We will not tolerate rudeness, insults or personal attacks. Do not disrespect, taunt, bother, bug or flame anyone, either on the forum or via private messages or email.

4.) "Trolls” or "Board Wars” will not be tolerated. Posts that are taunting or are otherwise inflammatory against other sites will be removed. Anyone found to be making inflammatory posts and remarks on other forums to start Board Wars will lose their posting privileges here. This rule also applies to those that, for whatever reason, feel a need to post negative remarks about this site on other forums. If you do, don't expect to be welcomed back.

5.) Double posting, or starting a thread with the same information in two or more categories, is not allowed and can result in the deletion of one or both posts. We understand that sometimes a topic may fit into multiple categories, but try to pick the best one.

6.) Multiple, repeated or meaningless posting will not be tolerated. Examples of this would be one word, "smiley” only, non-sense posts, etc. If this is done for the sole purpose of increasing your post count, we can prevent your post count from increasing from that point forward.

7.) If you have a problem or complaint about the forum in general, or with another member, please either fill out a ticket or address it directly to the administrators or moderators. They will evaluate the situation and execute the proper actions.

8.) Refrain from posting threads such as "Hey Fishlover1234”: if you need to speak to someone or show them something, private message or email them.

9.) As a dynamic and ever-changing community, we can never anticipate every situation that may occur. For this reason, we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure that members and the forum itself is not abused or mistreated in any way.

These rules may be amended over time without notice.

We ask that members keep in mind that membership to this forum is a privilege, NOT a right. As a private forum, the administrator and moderators have total say as to which members are, and are not allowed. The same rule applies for posts and threads; anything deemed to be inappropriate, as defined by these rules, will be removed, and the violators will be disciplined accordingly.