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Thread: Aquarium Help for Storms and Fish and Shipping Fish and Delayed flight

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    Well maybe that title will cover it all enough to give some help in finding this link for forum searchers.

    Like most others who are far enough away not to need evacuating but still can feel the effects, I am working today to secure the outside perimeters. Flying objects are not good with high winds. The play area and picnic area for Cannan looks so barren. He doesn't understand at 2, why all his toys and fun things have to be stored away. But he helped anyway

    In my preparation for the hurricane as it could be a Cat 1 still by the time it gets here if it doesn't die out, is my fish tanks. Today they get fed Except for fry tanks, if I lose power the other fisih won't be fed. Water changes were already done so I am set that way for almost a week if necessary.

    Wyfish once sent me a great article that I have kept and posted here once before about storms and aquariums. It covers getting oxygen into the tanks both by drop method and hydrogen peroxide. It really is a great article.

    I thought I would repost it.

    It is in my favorites and I go over it as necessary.

    Another one you as fish shippers might know about but I didn't until a few months back is this one.

    It can help you tell when there are airport flight delays in your region or in your destination region. As some remember with the last storms, it changed flights and whether mail was rerouted to other airports, etc.

    Many friends in the Gulf area are already evacuated. Some are coming up this way and others to relatives and friends.

    May we all stay SAFE and SANE during this storm. May any damage anyone sustains be minor.

    My thoughts and prayers are it will dissipate into just a pot full of rain. I know not probable - but possible!

    Anyhoots, there is still laundry and other stuff to prepare in case of power outtages. Dang, I forgot coffee and ice. Dratz....another trip to the store.

    Y'all take care and I hope the links are of some help!


    edited to fix the link.

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    A lack of preparation on your part, does not constitute and emergency on my part.

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