Quite some time ago I won an auction for a group of Red Claw Shrimp from Pete Mang. As they grew up, I removed the extra males and put them in a heavily planted community tank. This went on until I had one male and a group of females in the tank. A few months later, I spotted a small shrimp in the tank. I eventually moved the breeders to a 10 gal tank and left the young ones alone. I now have about 6 young shrimp that are over an inch long. I have since found babies in the 10 and broke that down and put the babies in a 5 1/2 by themselves. So I had two group of young from this batch of shrimp. Saturday I found more young in the breeder tank and moved that batch of small shrimp to another tank. In addition, I have two berried females in another 5 1/2 gal tank.

Besides being a cool invert, they grow to a nice size and are easy to breed. Thanks to Pete for introducing me to them.