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Thread: endler behaviour -what other females are doing as one is about to give birth

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    endler behaviour -what other females are doing as one is about to give birth

    I am no expert on livebearers but it seems like right before one gives birth she hangs out in a dark quiet corner somewhere near the top of the tank. Then comes the "are you giving birth or pooping" guessing game. LOL .. anyway..

    What I find interesting is what it looks like the other females are doing. I have noticed that one of the other females will kind of join her in being utterly still in the area but giving her some space. It also seems like the other females will try and distract the males if they go over there. Has anyone else noticed this? Is the one female standing guard? How would they know/why would they care? Maybe hormones are released in the water. I wonder what the evolutionary benefit is for that kind of behavior. Or of course the other female may be standing "guard" waiting for her to drop lunch.


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