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Thread: Famous IQ Scores?

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    Famous IQ Scores?

    Science and Technology

    Albert Einstein
    IQ Score 160

    Bill Gates
    IQ Score 160

    Stephen Hawking
    IQ Score 160


    James Woods
    IQ Score 180

    Dolph Lundgren
    IQ Score 160

    Sharon Stone
    IQ Score 154

    Jayne Mansfeld
    IQ Score 149

    IQ Score 140

    IQ Score 140

    Geena Davis
    IQ Score 140
    I knew it!
    I noticed her brilliance first time I saw her
    In the early 80s in sitcom Buffalo Bill
    Cute as a button
    Her lips and legs that contributed to her
    becoming a six foot tall Victoria's Secret Model!

    And that waterwheel scene in Long Kiss Goodnight


    Where was I?

    Jimmy Carter
    IQ Score 156

    Ronald Reagan
    IQ Score 105

    Long list of comparisons
    Entitled History of Ignorance
    deleted/self censored and moved to
    Historical Facts Category so not to offend.

    A short statement placed in political category
    A Yeahbut (from Greek ὑπόθεσιc)
    consists either of a suggested explanation for an observable phenomenon or of a
    reasoned proposal predicting a possible causal correlation among multiple phenomena.

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