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    Quote Originally Posted by Auban View Post
    we hired him a new lawyer. his court appointed one was a joke. letters sent out to lawyer. i may send a video.

    another irritating thing is his child support. he lost his drivers licence because he went into arrears. which i find absolutely retarded. so, he cant make money since he is in jail... and when he gets out, he wont be able to drive until he gets caught up on his child support payments. nothing we wont be able to handle. i just find the law so counterproductive, bass ackwards and simply put... stupid.

    im thinking of applying a bit of strategy on that one, so that it wont be an issue again in the future. communicating with him and his lawyer and coordinating things with my family is not always easy right now. not bad by any means, however.

    its odd... every war i fight in has more and more access to communications. Iraq, not much, Afghanistan, fairly decent when at a FOB.

    here, nearly continuous. then again, this time its not our war.
    Just reminded of a good friend of mine
    who got a warrant put out on him for "failure to appear"
    He was locked up in county on a different charge.
    Three floors above the court he failed to appear in
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