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Thread: How To Best Pack Gold Ocellatus Adult Fish For Shipment.

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    How To Best Pack Gold Ocellatus Adult Fish For Shipment.

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year to you!

    I have to ship 11, adult Lamprologus Gold ocellatus overnight next week. I'm not worried about keeping them warm or the overnight time it will take for them to get to their destination. What I am worried about, is them picking on each other while they are in the plastic shipping bags. If anyone has experience with this particular packing/shipping situation to minimize them picking on each other, please give me your advise. I will appreciate it!
    I have shipped juvenile Lamprologus Gold ocellatus in the past with no problem. I had them all packed together in the same plastic bag. Can I do this with adult Lamprologus Gold ocellatus, without them picking on each other in the shipping bags in an overnight shipping situation? If so, it would be great! If not, I will have my work cut out for me doing the packing for this shipment! Thank you for any help here!

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