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    Automated Tracking Info

    Does anybody know what does and doesn't cause USPS tracking numbers to be automatically emailed to customers? Some of mine have reported they received them; others have not. That, despite the fact that they were all billed via my Paypal invoices. Whether they paid with Paypal accounts or plastic I don't know, and maybe I'll start asking just for the sake of figuring this out, if nobody here knows for sure.
    Interestingly, I don't receive automated tracking emails for my own purchases, whether I bought them on Aquabid or Ebay. I always pay via Paypal. Now here's something that almost wigs me out a bit: though I don't receive emails, my purchase tracking numbers DO automatically post on my USPS Dashboard, from the sender 'Pitney Bowes' which I know to mean the seller bought the shipping label via Paypal, from my purchase payment. It's just always struck me as weird that the computer (?) knows whose Dashboard to post it on--is it because of my address? What I can't recall specifically is whether the Dashboard posts were made when I just sent my payment to the sellers' Paypal via their email addresses, as opposed to paying an invoice. Like MVP for example, sometimes I wait for him to invoice me and other times I just add up my total and send it immediately, but I cant recall for sure if those non-invoiced payments resulted in automatic tracking on my Dashboard.
    Anyway, I'd like to know anything I don't already, regarding automated tracking transmission. Emailing my customers their tracking numbers isn't a huge pain in the butt, but knowing which ones will already receive them would save that much time, and every bit of time I can save is a Godsend. By the way, if anyone knows a way to automatically have all my outgoing shipping labels post tracking on my Dashboard, that would be super swell also. I always put them there myself, and use the 'Name the package' feature, to label them by customer name and destination city, for easy reference when I have several boxes "out there."

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