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Thread: What would YOU do?

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    Read this slowly out loud and ask yourself if anyone could understand what you're trying to say. It would be 'Grammar Nazi' to point out a word you misspelled or a punctuation mark in the wrong place, but when it appears autocorrect did some talking for you, and necessary punctuation is utterly missing (but used where UNnecessary), what you have is word salad.

    Quote Originally Posted by MADMIKE View Post
    maybe I should not post this but I wanted you to see how it came out,at less to me{and never send fish to that state again.}
    you mean if you had a problem in my state,then after I wanted to buy something then I couldn't,at less put the state,then if it is my state so I will not waste my or your time
    not trying to be mean but there is it a point there is a fish club 70 miles south of me sorry
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