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    Sometimes I wonder how these forums look to somebody checking them out for the first time, and lately it seems they would get a fairly bleak impression, what with forums about aquatic species and husbandry having so few recent entries and most the recent sales category entries being negative. I'm certainly guilty. Speaking of new people, it wasn't that long ago that I was new and I do remember feeling like this was somewhat hostile territory, though it was actually a bit more friendly THEN, with more participants and some were sharing very useful tips and insights. I hate to say it but I can't help but wonder if I joined now, would I even want to ask for help about buying, starting-out selling, or aquarium help? Granted, there are now so many online sources for information, and when we sellers encounter problems this may be the only place we can vent or ask for advice on how to handle it, and have at least a few people who can relate. But just looking at recent posts from an alien's point of view, you couldn't help but ask, "Why do these people keep selling fish if it's such a pain in the anal fin?"
    I bet we all could list customers who make it worthwhile, but a list would just start to look like the feedback page, so right now I'm going to cite just ONE really neat Aquabidder who has brightened my day. DayS, actually, a repeat buyer.
    --Lovebostons. As her name indicates, she's a Boston Terrier breeder, breeds for health, not show standards so her parents and puppies are a little bigger, have bigger whelps and live longer than most with "perfect" traits. This came up in our email discussions about guppies, which she has bought from me numerous times, and is right in line with my personal approach to guppy raising--limited inbreeding and limited ICU care for healthier genes. Lovebostons (Laura) lives in Perris, CA, and lets you know immediately when her box arrives and how the contents look. Also fast pay, understands we are neither Petsmart nor garage sales, and leaves great feedback. And SO great to talk fish with. Or dogs. Either way, fun person.

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