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Thread: More email questions.

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    More email questions.

    Okay, so at the close of an auction,,,,,as a seller,,,I receive an Aquabid generated email notifying me of the sale,,,,,,I am assuming that buyers receive a similar email,,,,,,

    When I receive this auto generated email,,,,I have always responded to the buyer by replying to this email,,,,,it goes to the buyers,,,has always gone to the buyers in the past,,,,yada yada.

    Lately,,,,,,when I respond to this email,,,,many times a period of time goes by without an response,,,,and then I get an email generated by the buyer notifying me they won the auction and are requesting payment info,,,,,,,,

    So my question is,,,,,,is there a long lag when I email them through the Aquabid generated email? Or are they just not seeing the email that I send?

    For instance,,,tonight,,,,a fellow,,,a repeat buyer,,,bought two of my auctions. I received two Aquabid generated emails notifying me that the auctions were bought. I answered both,,,with payment instructions,,,as I have for the last several years.

    Then,,,,I get an email from the buyer telling me he bought the auctions,,,etc. As if he never saw the two emails I sent.

    This has been happening a lot,,,,,it's a trend actually rather than a sporadic thing.

    I tend to notice trends. So I'm wondering if it is an email thing or more people are just failing to see my emails,,,,maybe more of them are spam bound?


    *** I wanted to note,,,he paid promptly,,,,as he has in the past,,,,,it's just the email question that prompted me to start this thread.
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