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Thread: Bug Cure?

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    Bug Cure?

    Input on Observation
    Short Version ..
    Can MTS starve out da bugs?

    Long Version...
    When I first moved the little 10 Gallon up next to
    The Swamp Tank .. which means I'm always looking in them.
    I was horrified at my apparent neglect vs the daily tweaking it gets now.

    What I first noticed was a bunch of

    Which became a constant

    Smashing of the Bugs!

    As water changes increased to 3-5 a week
    That's when they would most appear .. frustrating as hell

    Meanwhile The Swamp Tank with its MTS infestation
    I started collecting the tiny ones and dumping them in 10 Gallon
    To give Dwarf Puffers something else to argue with besides each other.
    It's been a while since I've seen more than three "bugs" at same time.
    No sign of MTS at all

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