I do it too. It's at the end of my ad, says, "If you write 'I read the whole ad' and pay fast, I'll throw something cool in for free.'" --For those who actually do that, I will take the time to look at their past purchases to get an idea of what they like, and taylor their freebie(s) accordingly if I can--this little flourish has really thrilled some people. If I can't do that I throw in a plant or two that nobody would turn their nose at. Those who don't write "I read the whole ad" get exactly what they paid for, just like at a store.
My position on side deals is: If it's an auction, sorry but you have to bid and win, period. If it's a buy it now and the person is asking for a different quantity/grouping, it depends; if they've bought from me before and it was a good sale, AND I have sufficient quantities, I'll work with them. If we've never done business before, even if they have a good feedback score, the only way I'll alter the offer is if they go ahead and do the BIN and I'll describe the alteration on the invoice (also our emails would serve as backup documentation). --In some cases the person just never replies to that caveat, which tells me there was a reason they wanted to sidestep Aquabid, and I'm glad to have thwarted them.

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It happens to everyone here.Pete actually offers free stuff If you pay and let him ship in a timely manner.