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Thread: I wish.

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    I wish.

    I'm not tech savvy enough to know if it can be done. It seems like it would be too monumental of a task but amazing things can be done with computers,,,,so....

    I wish there were a link to user names. A list of users and their current feedback rating. Feedback is great for buyers. A buyer can look at an auction, look at a seller's feedback and make a judgement call before bidding.

    A seller on the other hand has no such advantage. Someone bids or buys and auction and you're stuck with that person. And if they are a problem or have rotten feedback or both,,,you are stuck.

    I scan auctions and look for bad buyers and ban them. But if there were a list that could even be broke down by feedback,,,then as a seller we'd have more of an opportunity to be preemptive in avoiding trouble.

    Even if it could be a list of people with a certain level of bad rather than everyone. Maybe people who have under 10 feedbacks with an inordinate number of negatives...I don't know.

    Something like that.

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