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Thread: Where is everybody?!

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    I've DEFINITELY seen the over-moderated ones too, and that applies to other pets besides fish. It's like they're run by the most extremist PETA members, with 12-year-olds "on the spectrum" serving as 24-hour deputies. (I don't mean to bash actual people with Aspbergers or anything; I'm a former high school biology teacher so I just know them when I see them and when they think they're right and you're wrong about something, every trace of social grace just goes out the window, LOL). What really gets me is you don't even have to make a counterclaim to whatever "truth" is in their bible of husbandry, genetics, breed/strain names, etc. to get a bunch of their regular members up in arms--you just dare to ask HOW THEY KNOW that "truth." No matter how politely you request sources or at least firsthand experiences, the hostility goes from 0 to 60 from several people within minutes, and the next thing you know you're kicked out.
    That aquascaping group was such a polar opposite of that, it just disoriented me I guess, never saw anything quite like it. LOL!--I think what made it extra jarring was just its being a frikkin AQUASCAPING group, like I could see all kinds of other interest groups going 'Animal House,' but this was like going to hang with Mr. Miagi and finding his house crawling with drunk 8th grade boys. Aquascapers, really? Is that the real Lord of the Flies world?

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    I think I am a member of that group or one very similar. Sometimes the posts get a bit outrageous but I choose to ignore those unless they're really funny, which some are. There is still a lot of good information available within the group for both plant and fish enthusiasts. People need thick skin if they want to be on any forum. Forums that are over-moderated tend to lose members quicker than ones that tolerate some colorful participation and off-topic discussions. If you were to show your B(O)(O)BS, I believe you would probably be the first member to do so. If you do, you should expect they would be graded, although I have no idea what the grading criteria might be. Good Luck!!

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