first time for me.. I am very careful especially this time of year when Alaska is freezing and Florida is still hotter than the hubs of hell about shipping to Contiguous US but that option is not available in settings for an auction.. Maybe it should be. I know,, I should add yet another line to my auctions saying that I will not ship to Alaska especially free shipping auctions. as I will have to put in both cool packs and heat packs and treat heat pack with some nail polish to slow it down and the cost of both plus added weight of both and the generally chancy nature of such a proposition is not a smart move especially with a Live arrival guarantee. Until now-- All of my Alaska customers have bought during easier months to ship to ALASKA.. I am doing it but limiting the time to complete to this week as temps are favorable and drop next week. AND I am making yet another paragraph I need to add to auctions.. they are gonna become a book about policy instead of being about the plant.. LOL

Alaska is part of "continental US" but if you wish to limit Alaska there would need to be a " Contiguous US" option PLEASE!!!