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Thread: auabid problems

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    Mad auabid problems

    Hello Fish Lovers
    I am posting the first time here, but know Aquabid and this
    Forum for many years, mostly checking for available killifish.
    Maybe some members have answers to some of the problems I and many other possible buyers are having with the Aquabid side.

    Is there anybody overseeing the trading activities on Aquabid and who is making sure that everything is going according to the rules?
    It seems that most sellers openly charge Paypal fees of 5% or even more, as I know this is not legal.
    Some Sellers are charging extrem hight shipping fees, but it might be one Seller under different names.
    Many items are wrong named or showing pictures that have nothing to do with the products.
    Why is nowhere mentioned, that to buy on Aquabid , you need a Paypal account? So far I did not see other payment options.
    What happens if a Buyer wins a bid and refuses to pay, because after the bid was closed the Seller added extra charges not mentioned before?

    Buying products online has something to do with trust and I do not see many Auctions
    I would bet my money on. To no surprise when viewing the Killifish sales most auctions close without a bid. All bad sellers are getting the buyers the deserve.
    The treat got a bit longer than planed but to see the only real Aqua webside filled with trashy auctions really pisses me of.

    Any answers are welcome

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    Hello there Guest,
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