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Thread: TrueAqua- New Breeder!

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    TrueAqua- New Breeder!

    Hey guys! My name is Eli. I'm 20 and live in Dallas, Texas. I've always had an interest in fish, but I recently started dedicating a huge portion of my life to it by forming the DFW Fish Rescue, the only aquatic animal rescue in Texas. To help fund it, I've started breeding my own fish. I call my breeding "operation" (although it's not nearly large enough or fancy enough to warrant that title) TrueAqua, because the whole point is that it's not about the profit, it's about the proper care and raising of the fish. I provide a free live plant with every sale or adoption to encourage purchasing live plants for fish, and I require information like parameters and tank size when I do sales of more commonly misunderstood fish, like goldfish or bettas.

    One day I'd really like to open a storefront, where we accept any fish no matter what and find them all homes, and people can get real, accurate information on proper fish care from staff that is genuinely passionate about it.

    Realistically though I'll probably just become a professional procrastinator.

    Anyway, I currently breed mainly guppies, but I'm thinking of moving to neon/green neon/cardinal tetras instead because I love their bright colors and they have a lower bioload. At least from what I've read. I'm still learning, and I love it!

    Nice to meet you all!

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