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Thread: So You Wanna Know the What, How and When of SNE!?!

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    Exclamation So You Wanna Know the What, How and When of SNE!?!

    OK every SNE is different in some aspects but here is the CONSISTENT things

    What does SNE Mean?? SNE stands for Saturday Night Event

    When is it?? the 3rd sat of each month, starting at 7:00 pm eastern, ending when everyone has fallen out - around 12 am and often even later ... LOL

    Where does it happen?? and Aquachat ( You can find the SNE auctions listed at and aquachat is at ) it helps to keep multiple windows or tabs open

    Whats so eventful about SNE?? people in CHAT, lots of people on AB, Sellers are online and or in chat to answer questions, AND some of the sellers will take special requests to set up special auctions for you...and because all the auctions are running for only one hour long you never know whats gonna come up for sale, or what kind of deals you might be able to make!!! Sometimes there are games and prizes involved too.

    How to make the MOST out of the SNE?? Multiple windows or tabs- chat/forums/ and on the AB home page click on 1 hour auctions... you'll get a long list of SNE 1 Hour auctions, REFRESH the page every few minutes so you can see what is NEW that has been listed.

    Also- Want lists and Hopes for auction can be posted ahead early in the SNE section of the Aquaboard Forums. This gives sellers a hint at what buyers WANT. I and other sellers look at the requests so I can make some auctions up early for that night

    ANY one want to add anything else to this list.. respond and lets let everyone know. have a question, well let us know in a post and we will do our best to answer

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