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Thread: A Rocking nice box from dsblackwell1

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    A Rocking nice box from dsblackwell1

    I was not sure where to put this, SNE or Feedback, so it took me a few days to post this. I received a prize box from dsblackwell1 . The box contained white clouds that were in perfect shape.. not stressed AT ALL and displaying inside the breather bags. with temps here of 95-100 the condition of the fish was simply AMAZING!! I drip acclimated them for a fe w hours, and put them in a well planted tank, expecting to have them hide for a few.. But NO-- Within an hour or so the males were displaying to females out in the open and working them toward the Christmas moss. well there have been eggs appearing almost daily and fry appearing just about as frequently. Amazingly happy healthy fish.. Thank YOU, Dawn , for the GREAT fish and the Perfect packing job. Only one issue.. gonna have to let people know there may be white cloud eggs in my Moss portions now.. LOL

    Thank you again!!

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