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Thread: July SNE!!!!! July 21, 2018!!!!

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    Funny July SNE!!!!! July 21, 2018!!!!

    I am getting an earlier start on SNE this month. SNE will be July 21st at 7pm-10pm but it usually continues much later. I am gonna have a lot of stuff up as usual but I am gonna leave some things to post based on requests in chat or email. I don't know I just can't get ALL the auctions I prep up and get into chat at a reasonable hour AND still feel like typing in chat.. LOL about 150 different auctions is all I can muster before I start skipping things just to get finished and away from that listing crap.. lol.. I did not get ANY special requests for auctions last month so I am going to encourage y'all to look at my website and, if there is something you are interested in, then you can either request a special auction or add it on to the auction wins USUALLY with no or VERY small added shipping. It all depends on weight and volume of what you wanna add.

    I want to encourage all the sellers that are up to it, to throw some auctions up as well. Long time experienced sellers and newbies alike. If you are not sure on how to list something ask me for some help early ( not the night of SNE though, PLEASE) I am more than glad to help ANYONE to list items -- and you can make your auction early and then just restart it at SNE time like I do!

    I would also like to encourage anyone looking for stuff to check out the listings on that night.. no telling what you might find listed and usually the prices are AMAZING!! Once the SNE starts ( and some people start listing early!!) but anyway, once it starts you can find a full listing off ALL the one hour auctions offered at that moment by clicking the " One hour auctions" link on the left side of the home page or clicking here .

    If there is something you are looking for specifically let us all know in a reply so IF someone has it they will be more likely to offer it IF it is requested.. SO lets get some wish-list items up here in forum responses.

    I hope to see lots of sellers and lots of buyers and lots of chatters there for July 21, 2108 SNE!!!! I am looking at opening a chat room different form the Aquabid chat to use for SNE. I am gonna try and start a chat room that is easy and reliable to enter into for most everyone. ALL so hopefully MORE people will actually get into chat.. IF it works I will post a link in a response on this thread and edit this to show it as well.
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