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Thread: trying to breed some white clouds

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    I bred tens of thousands if not more when I had my hatchery. They were never particular about water parameters. I used bare 2 or 5 gallon tanks. I filled the tanks one half to two thirds full of water. I used fine black mesh and set that down in the tank with an open swimming space above and the drape of mesh allowed the eggs to fall through uneaten.

    The fish farms in Florida used bottle brushes in the tanks for the fish to lay their eggs in.

    I always kept any species I planned on breeding with the sexes separate. With tetras or fish like White Clouds I used one male and one or two females.

    Prior to breeding they were fed heavily on live newly hatched brine shrimp.

    I put the males and females together late in the day before lights out.

    When the morning light came in through the window of my breeding room the fish would generally start spawning for a few hours. If they didn't breed that morning they usually bred by the next morning.

    I simply raised the mesh out of the tank, put the breeders in their separate tanks and hatched the eggs in the bare tank.

    Once the fry were free swimming they went out in pools outside and 6 weeks I had sellable White Clouds.

    The secret to spawning most egg scatterers is keeping males and females separate till you want to spawn them and conditioning. And live newly hatched brine shrimp is always the best and cleanest option for that.


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