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    here's a thought

    I work really hard top do my best to offer my plants according to the same rules as fish ar e supposed to be listed.. BUT I am really annoyed by the fact things are posted as haphazard crazy as is humanly possible in plants. yeah ok you are selling a nic e stem of Lovelia cardinalis with roots.. do you do it under bunch ( I mean it is a STEM plant) or do you do it under rooted ( I mean it is rooted and sold singly)===> well this ain't the kind of crap I am talking about..

    what I mean is idiotic stuff like this I mean it is titled "3 bunch Cabomba caroliniana" you called it a bunch, it is stems with a rubber band so it is a bunch plant.. put it in the appropriate category, PLEASE!

    an d it is not like it is just one instance it is constant and a lot of them.. and think that is bad

    try this one on for size

    duckweed as a rooted plant???!!? really first line of the description tells everyone you are doing as you darn well please. " Duckweed, is a very small light green free-floating, seed bearing plant. "

    I think I will start listing my plants in the fish sections cause it would seem ok to do.. I mean if the rules are only suggestions then why the hell not??? I list Anubias and Crinums with the South American and African Cichlids, Hornwort with the Livebearers and Cabomba with tetras.. Hey Lilies and other pond plants could go with Koi!! now how much you wanna bet either my auctions get removed or I get a warning letter.

    MY point I guess is that if we ALL pay attention to keeping the halls clean then the units will rent for a higher price!

    OK now that I have been pissy I am going through and report each EXTREMELY misplaced auction and encourage others to do the same please and thank you.. lets show everyone we give a damn about how the place looks.

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