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Thread: Anybody else not able to access Aquabid account ?

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    I’m not sure if this a related issue, but I don’t think I’ve seen an auction all day with pictures, just the Aquabid notice that the picture can’t be viewed, etc. I gotta figure Mark’s been swamped with emails and messages, but does anyone know if the issue will resolve itself or will all those auctions remain as is?

    Yeah I think A LOT of pictures got lost during the " incident" I know all my auctions were suddenly picture-less but I have gone through and remade all my auctions running and put pictures back up in them. All my closed auctions are picture-less as well. So, for a while, I will be making fresh new auctions from scratch.. I suspect a lot of sellers do not know that pictures were lost on many. I did not know about it until people wrote me asking for the picture for so and so auction..

    I would assume that the pictures were LOST and will not suddenly reappear. but I always expect the worst so I am NEVER disappointed but sometimes pleasantly surprised!
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