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Thread: Auctions with unreasonable disclaimers

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    At one time ebay was a great place to sell. It has now become a nightmare because t moved from being a venue to getting involved in every aspect of a seller's business. AquaBid is and always has been a very special place precisely because it stays out of your business beyond providing a place for buyers and sellers to find each other.

    If you have trouble with a seller, then do not buy from them again, provide negative feedback, and file a breach if they have broken any of AB's spare and reasonable rules. That's it. The last thing we need is for AquaBid to fall prey to the Borg and become another Fleabay. Those who have been into killies for a long time know that there is always an element of risk involved in eggs in the mail. There always will be. It is not a really large community, even internationally, and those few hustlers and grifters get found out pretty quickly and do not do much business with serious killi keepers. Get involved with the community and realize everyone pays some dues along the way.
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