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Thread: Banning Bidders

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    Banning Bidders


    I am new to this board, but not to Aquabid. I would like to know what exactly happens when you ban a bidder. Does it only prevent them from bidding on your future auctions or is there more to it than that? Does it give them a notification that would could prompt negative feedback?

    I ask because today I had an individual claim that the shrimp I sent (USPS priority) almost three weeks ago arrived today with eight DOA out of about 14. USPS tracking shows a delivery date of 10/26. The pictures he sent were not in my bags, and the shrimp looked like they died today. These shrimp turn pink and lose their color quick when they die, all of the shrimp pictured still had full coloration. He currently has a 100% rating with 10 previous auctions. Needless to say I am very suspicious, but it is still possible he is telling the truth. I am considering banning him from future auctions as a precaution.

    Also does anyone have recommendations on getting people to post feedback. I'm getting less than 50% of people I sell to leaving feedback, but almost all of them contact me directly by email for additional sales.

    Thanks in advance and I did search before posting. . . found recommendations on banning individual users and such, but no specifics on what happens when you do.

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