I have a fish farm in North Miami FL

I just ordered 200 tropicals from Sunbeamaquarium in Singapore, first time for me
I ordered Golden Wonder Killis, Black/Red fantail Goldfish, Indio glassfish

Expenses are SOBERING

  • Payments and paperwork with every order to Florida Fish and Wildlife and Customs are $120 plus
  • Shipment to Miami $37.5 per kg. with shipping discount beginning at 100kg (yeah $3750 shipping) turns out to be about 60 cents a fish for my 11 kg box
  • I just ran a test transfer of $10 to the supplier in Singapore; Chase's charge for transfer that transfer was $40
  • I paids about $140 for the import license from the good folks in Atlanta


The store is set up on Shopify with a jumper to Twitter, so you can buy fish on Twitter.
The farm can support these fish in grand style, once they arrive.
My own web page http://www.thirstyfishmiami.com if pretty well set up

I share these things for those of us doing this kind of thing
Best Regards
D Ralph Crampton MD
Proprietor Thisty Fish Miami Tropical Fish

All tad a bit unnerving, that is biz