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    Very specific question

    The more time that passes and the more non-applicable answers I get to this question, the more determined I am to find it. And not just for me but for the many people i've seen ask in the past and surely will ask in the future, so I would like to be able to offer the answer whenever I can. So I'm asking it here and other places until I find it.

    The question regards USPS scheduled pickup failures and (HEY GET YOUR HANDS OFF THE KEYBOARD I HAVE NOT ASKED IT YET!) and a very specific point in the timeline of that failure. So let's be clear: It is NOT the question of whether you've experienced scheduled pickup failures. It is NOT a question of why they happen. It is NOT a question of how to prevent them. And it sure as heck is NOT an invitation for you to display your self-righteousness about the stuff you give your carrier to insure they pick up your packages, nor that you always take your packages to the post office because only lazy people expect pickups. Such answers will not only fail to answer the question (no I haven't asked it yet), they show an egocentric inability to imagine other circumstances, like routes without assigned regular carriers, things that can make trips to the post office impossible, etc.

    Probably more than 99.9% of people cannot answer the question, because they are not USPS employees, nor anyone with enough access to an employee to get this information. I have asked employees myself, and they never seem to know, although I suspect they are lying. They would especially have reason to lie when it's the acute situation of a specific failure at hand ("why did this happen to ME, yesterday" or whatever). They don't want to add any fuel to the anger of an already-angry customer. Saturday my local office supervisor was on my porch to pickup the packages that were failed the day before. The email I wrote Friday night was THAT effective, that fast. But all it did was whack this one mole, this one failure. So I sat down on the steps, gazed directly into his eyes and asked my question.....and he immediately averted his eyes, crossed his arms, faked a "huh, never thought about that before" face, and said he did.....not....know. And I find that astonishingly unlikely. And fascinating.

    So here, at long last, is the question: When a scheduled pickup is not picked up, who or what clears it as "successfully completed"? In my experience (and many others) this happens invariably but seemingly at random times, the night of the failure. It causes an email to be sent to the person who scheduled the pickup (to their shock and outrage) and eliminates any chance that the pickup will remain an outstanding matter to be recognized let alone resolved, by any other employees or supervisors. So is it the carrier going into the system and falsely clearing his/her failures? Is it a supervisor covering for his/her carriers? Is it an automated software thing (if so, why is it uncharacteristically randomly-timed)? IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION, please either move on, or join me in the quest to find it.

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