Mikea108 had 5 auctions going at one time. 3 were completed, 2 didn't sell. I sent an email to him directly after the completion asking about payment which has been totally ignored. The other buyers sent payment through PayPal to his listed email address which was quickly refunded and a request to use a different email address. 1 buyer sent payment to the new email address and received a notice that the package was damaged in the mail and payment was refunded again. I did research on the seller's listed name and address, information came back that the person with that name at that address died 12 years previous in his 90's.
I don't know what the motive of this seller is, all I know is that he lists items and doesn't follow through. He is currently suspended, but I was informed that this seller continually opens new accounts and does the same thing. There needs to be some kind of automated system to use the IP address to keep track of this kind of abuse.