Greetings All,Only 3 hours until Showtime, folks. Please spread the word to all your friends. Would love to have a great outing, tonight.I only have two topics on the agenda that are written in ink.1. "The Joys of Flag Burning"and2. "Why We All Need To Start Using The 'N' Word, Everyday"Lots of other good stuff will happen, so be there!!!Oh, BTW - Got my new gear all ready for tonight's show. The Rodecaster was as plug n' play as one could possibly hope for. Power cord, plug-in mic, hook to the computer and good to go. Amazing. Looking forward to replacing my webcam audio with my Shure SM7B w/ Cloudlifter CL-1. It might be overkill, but now that it looks like I'm leaving radio behind, I need to repurpose a lot of equipment.BeLive is showing the mic, so that's a good sign. We'll see how everything goes, tonight. Fingers crossed. Wish me luck. lolHope to see some of you losers, there. Guests are welcome. Just use this link after 7 PM. Headphones on and speakers off. Also close as many applications and browser windows/tabs as possible to make it work, well.,Big Frank