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The High Cost of Rainbowfish

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  • BigBen
    I used to bid but would stop when i reached my price limit. But on some sites (not here) i have run into 2 (or more) "friends" that would bid just to run prices up. You'll find what you're looking for just keep your eyes open.
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  • Carlkolchakins
    started a topic The High Cost of Rainbowfish

    The High Cost of Rainbowfish

    There is a noticeable increase in the cost of Rainbowfish on Aquabid. I have wanted to breed several species of them but there is one bidder that always drives the price way up and buys them all. It’s nearly impossible to obtain much at all any longer due to this one bidder.
    I do believe everyone deserves a chance to bid and the seller should make as much as they can on the fish but, if the person bidding doesn’t breed these species it will take that much longer to get new species in the hobby. Aquabid used to be a place where hobbyists could find rare and unusual fish now it’s becoming a monopoly for the wealthy as far as rainbows go. Sad to see this happen.